Week 10

I would like to nominate Ridhi’s blog called http://kindreeridhi.edublogs.org/. I like her blog because she used Goanamat,Photopeach,Anamto and Prezi. I like that she has no distractions when you are reading her post. Ridhi has very detailed posts. One was called The India A-Z Book. She uses very beautiful colours in her writing.


when is the last time you won something like a bike? just last week I had god luck and won a brand new bike. I got this amazing bike on Easter Sunday at my grandma’s church in Milton. My mom, grandma and I went to the church from 11:30-3 0’clock. AT the church I signed up for a Easter “eggstravaganda”.After the church service we got food and gathered to eat. Then the teachers started to call names to pick a prize. I picked the blue and green super cycle with 1 gear. The bike can go off road. It’s not meant for racing. I was not super happy because I was not even sure if I was going to use it. My plan is to ride to the park then play on the monkey bars then I rided back home.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to being able to connect and communicate more easily. Write a post or run a debate on this topic.



– communicating is cheaper with no use of a phone

– Skype is a way to see your friends and family members you haven’t seen for while

– can use communication means (internet) to connect with others see what they’re doing

– immediately you can see others’ posts/pics/info/updates

– parents and police can track people

– Google drive allows you to connect with friends on project over the web


– anyone could learn personal info and have access

– anyone can get a person’s address, school, work and info

– if you leave your web cam on, someone can watch you

– people can steal your identity

– it can cause relationship problems between split relations/problem relations

– it can be permanent, you can’t get rid of it


My family told me after the show they loved it but they missed the first three performers they wanted me to go home and to bed.my mom like how she got to see the old teacher that tot my brother.she got some pictures of me and she fingered out that I was the big snake.the last song I saw here in the back corner and she said that the song was former.she wished she could be there earlier.she was parked in a no parking zone could of got a parking ticket at a school she was at like forever.